Breathe fresh air into your strategic workshops

Workshop on a sailing trip

Location is key, so Sailing For Management takes you and your executive team to the perfect waters to breathe fresh air into your team activity. Literally, because sailing stimulates out-of-the-box thinking while working on new business strategies. 

Choose your destination

Step aboard with your participants and together set the course for a successful strategic workshop or an intensive coaching day. Connect with your team by working offline, in nature. The open plains broaden your horizons and enhance the thought process. Choose the formula that best suits your current need. 

Focus on your business challenge

Sailing For Management provides your strategic workshop with more focus, more interaction, and more action! We take care of everything so that you can concentrate on your strategic workshop with your executive team. 

They already solved their organizational issues

Our team day on the boat with Lars was wonderful. Our team got to know each other informally. We reflected on our teamwork with the wind in our hair and our eyes on the horizon. But most of all, we enjoyed this fantastic experience together.


Following some structural changes within our organization, there was a need for a meeting to reflect and put our heads together to think about the future.  Koen guided us through the various topics in a very relaxed atmosphere. It stimulated our creative thinking process, which is very important on such a day.


It may seem far-fetched to board a sailing ship to reflect on leadership or an organizational issue. But, while Lars makes sure that you find the right place on board, Koen gets to work on your organizational issues. Without having to sail very far, you will develop a different view on your administrative issue. 


Dive into our formulas 


Keep it simple and direct all your focus to tackling your business challenge. Bring your own coach. Our basic formula offers a day trip from Bruinisse, an experienced captain, and tasty catering.


  Do you want us to fully take care of your organizational challenge? Then - after an onboarding call - come on board for a day trip starting in Bruinisse, with a seasoned captain, luxury catering, and take advantage of our best coach for your specific challenge!


Our tailor-made foreign sailing trips for companies and individuals include a seaworthy captain and luxury catering. Tell us where and when you would like us to sail with you and your company, and receive a quote that suits your needs. 

Discover our bonus offerings 

In addition to a unique experience, restful location, and support tailored to your management goals, we have some bonus offerings: 

Special Bonus Offer For Owners, Managers & Executives!

Tell us which problems you want to solve during your strategic workshop.

Enjoy a 10% discount on your first reservation

Meet your captain

All aboard!

Hi, I’m Lars, your captain at the helm! 

My love for sailing started at an early age. 

But most of all, I combine sailing with my other passion: supporting management teams in their strategic challenges. 

Thanks to my years of experience, I understand the challenges of management teams like no other.

We are open for new partnerships with executive coaches.

As an executive coach, do you strive for the best results for your management team? Are you regularly looking for new ways to achieve targeted results? Let’s team up! With your guidance and my skills, we’ll hoist the sails and provide all those on board with an unforgettable day full of fresh ideas in successful strategic workshops. 

Get to know our coaches!

Meet Koen Joly

Koen Joly is an experienced executive coach and founder of Keik. Koen is an avid enthousiast and believer in challenging your executives in a safe and inspiring environment. Ownership, a positive view and belief in the process with a clear focus on results are the things Koen mainly focuses on.  

Result-driven workshops

Thanks to his positive mindset, he always knows how to deliver people-oriented and effective results. Through Koen’s 20+ years of experience with a very diverse and extensive client portfolio, the art of executive coaching no longer holds any secrets for him. His engaging personality makes it exceptionally pleasant to have Koen coach your team. 

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Are you looking for an original location in nature that connects your executive team? Jump on board! 

Sailing For Management provides your strategic workshop with more focus, more interaction, and more action! We take care of everything so that you can concentrate on the work with your management team. 

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